1. The concert with the Croatian Armed Forces at the Croatian National Theatre has been moved from 21.00 to 19.00! You don't need tickets for this concert, just show up!

2. The Rudi Katholnig and Hans-Peter Steiner performance was moved from Museum of Arts and Crafts to Lhotka Hall at the Academy of Music. The time stays the same - 20.00!

3. The Luis Federico Jaureguiberry and Manuel González and Saxolosax "White Clowns" Ensemble performances are moved to 22.00. The location stays the same - Zrinjevac Park Pavilion.

4. Performances of Ensemble Macondo and SONSAX at the Museum of Arts and Crafts are moved to Blagoje Bersa Hall at the Music Academy. The time stays the same - 10pm!

5. Please keep in mind that tonight will be a very busy night in the city center. The shops will close earlier, the traffic will be crazy and there will be a lot of people on the streets.

Thank you for being patient!