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Hétéroclite Ensemble

Hétéroclite Ensemble
The members of Hétéroclite Ensemble have different cultural and music backgrounds but one thing joins them together: all of them had studied in the Conservatory of Cergy. The collaboration between J. Y. Fourmeau and the percussion classes had created strong musicals ties and has pull them to search new musical experiences. The saxophone quartet and percussion – an ensemble full of sonority but with few compositions hopes to interest some composers in developing this interesting repertoire. Enrica Birsa is a winner of various international competitions and she has played in the two last editions of World Sax Congress. Alberto Cavallaro graduated at the Conservatory "Fausto Torrefranca" with the highest marks and praise. He won several competitions of chamber and contemporary music. He plays in the Duo Dubois. Natsuki Ishikawa graduated at the Music University Senzoku Gauen under the guidance of M. Sumichija Arimura and Uko Tanave. Yohan Leite has won awards in several competitions inculuding Saxiana Junior Contest, Parisian saxophone contest, and Miglior Solista Junior Evento Sax. Derlis Duarte Núñez graduated with the highest marks in the Conservatory of Cergy. He participated in five editions of the International Percussion Festival in Patagonia. He specialized in marimba. Julie Duarte Núñez graduated with the highest marks in the Conservatory of Cergy. She teaches percussion in Paris region schools.
Enrica Birsa, soprano saxophone
Alberto Cavallaro, alto saxophone
Natsuki Ishikawa, tenor saxophone
Yohan Laite, baritone saxophone
Derlis Duarte Nuñes, percussion
Julie Duarte Nuñes, percussion
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