Yui Sakagoshi and Iván Solano

Yui Sakagoshi is a Japanese saxophonist based in Strasbourg and Paris. She plays in various ensembles and solo projects and includes theatrical elements in her performances and works. She obtained her Bachelor of Music Degree at the Osaka College of Music, and a Master's Degree in Musical Interpretation at the Haute École des arts du Rhin in Strasbourg.  She is currently developing her musical projects on several levels, such as collaboration with composers, performing choreographed pieces, creating theatre and music, etc. She is a member of the quintet Ensemble Intercolor formed by 5 instruments of various timbres. She has also made a lot of arrangements for live electronic music. 

Iván Solano is a Spanish clarinetist, composer and researcher. In 2010 SACEM awarded him with the prize to the best pedagogic score, for his work on transmission to children and young musicians. His catalogue of 50+ works continuously grows through the encounters and collaborations with ensembles and performers around the world. His music navigates between styles: electroacoustics, music for theater, dance, symphonic orchestra, choir or solo instruments. He explores improvisation and the limits between oral and written compositions. He graduated in Clarinet Performing, Teaching and Composition in Madrid, Budapest, Paris, Strasbourg and Rome and has a Master's Degrees in Music Analysis and Musicology. He is currently pursuing his PhD on Musical Gesture at Université de Strasbourg.


Yui Sakagoshi, soprano saxophone
Iván Solano, electronics



  • Jul 12 2018

    Yui Sakagoshi and Iván Solano


    Iván Solano (1973): 花  / Hana (premiere performance)

    STUDENT CENTER Theatre &TD Semicircular Hall Savska cesta 25