Macondo Ensemble

Macondo, more than being a fiction literary term from Gabriel García Márquez, is the way in which this musical group gives a name to the Colombian musical diversity through their own musical resources and the genuine liking for our tradition. In 2013, when this group emerged its members put forward a broad musical spectrum causing a varied, coherent, 100% Colombian, fresh objective and casual sound experience on a format quartet of saxophones, vocals and percussion, which will challenge the stylistic and space barriers.This ensemble has musicians with great musical career is a luxury payroll.  Its members brought their fortune, memory and personal travel with themselves, as professional musicians interested in the academic and popular musical traditions of Colombia. Karen Barreto (Alto Saxophone) from Sogamoso, Boyacá, She is the leader and "engine" of the ensemble, the motor and leader. Nicolas Castro (Baritone Saxophone) and Felipe Silva  (Tenor Saxophone)  form Bogota, at their young age, are promises of the saxophone in Colombia, winners of many national and international contests. Nicolas, with emphasize in classical saxophone interpretation and Felipe in the Jazz music. Cesar Medina (Soprano Saxophone) and Pedro Acosta (Percussion), are teachers of jazz music emphasize from the Javeriana University and other music schools in the city, being two of the most important figures of the jazz scene in Bogotá and Colombia. Winner in many opportunities of festivals as Jazz al parque, Colombia al parque, Petronio Alvarez, and more. And finally, Maria Escobar (Voice), was selected as the representative of Colombia in the festival Vi?a del mar 2010, and his voice has been developed in the traditional Colombian music in the most important vocal traditional festivals of the country. She is from Armenia, Quindío. 

Cesar Medina Ospina, soprano saxophone
Karen Barreto García, alto saxophone
Felipe Silva Quecan, tenor saxophone
Nicolas Castro Granados, baritone saxophone / vocals
Pedro Acosta, percussion
Maria Alejandra Hoyos, lead vocals


  • Jul 11 2018

    Macondo Ensemble

    ensemble performance

    Leandro Díaz (1928-2013): EL Verano - Vallenato for saxophone quartet, percussion and voice (arr. Eduardo Rincón)
    Jorge Luis Velosa Ruiz (1949): Las diabluras Carranga for saxophone quartet, percussion and voice (arr. Carlos Andrés Restrepo)
    José Barros (1915-2007): La piragua Cumbia for saxophone quartet (arr. Julio Castillo)
    César Medina (1978): Y no vuelvo ma' - Abozao (arr. César Medina)
    Aries Vigoth (1957-2009): Predestinación Joropo for saxophone quartet, percussion and voice (arr. Wolfang David Ordoñez)
    Pablo Flores (1926-2011): Los Sabores del Porro for saxophone quartet, percussion and voice (arr. Eduardo Rincón)
    César Medina (1978): Al son que me bailen tocó (arr. César Medina)

    ACADEMY OF MUSIC Blagoje Bersa Hall Trg Republike Hrvatske 12