SOS Saxophone Orchestra

The SOS saxophone orchestra was founded on the initiative of Roberto Buttus, renowned producer and musical instrument repairer. The members are renowned saxophonists from Slovenia, Croatia, Poland and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in 2011, at the initiative of Buttus and Lev Pupis, the orchestra began to perform. They are most revered and successful educators, soloists, musical arrangers, jazz and chamber musicians and composers. The SOS saxophone orchestra's mission is presenting to the audience with the supreme music, whether it is a transcription of the masterpieces of classical music, originals or new works, standard jazz music or the sound of big-bands. One of the main peculiarities of the orchestra is the fact that it performs without a conductor. This is an added advantage, despite a large number of its members, since the orchestra can perfectly apply the idea of chamber music. One special feature of the SOS orchestra is certainly that, from the very beginning, it has been  educating its own personell and youth. The SOS Junior orchestra contains 35 members and is mentored by members of the SOS themselves. The SOS orchestra fosters close associations with many acclaimed soloists and so far it has had many guest appearances, including Jean–Yves Fourmeau, Tymur Melnyk, Marco Pierobon, Ljubiša Jovanović, Jože Kotar, Ognjen Popović, Oto Vrhovnik, Matej Grahek and others.

Lev Pupis, Rok Volk, Anja Kožuh, Boštjan Simon, Jovana Joka, Aleš Logar, Matjaž Škoberne, Joanna Blejwas, Weronika Partyka, Larisa Marjanović, Irena Šmid, Tim Jerman, Ita Nagode
Slaven Kulenović, artistic leader


  • Jul 14 2018

    SOS Saxophone Orchestra

    ensemble performance

    Anima Slavica

    Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka (1804-1857): Ruslan and Ludmila - overture (arr. Jacques Laroque)
    Grigory Markovich Kalinkovich (1917-1992): Concerto Capriccio (arr. Alain Crepin)
    Marjan Kozina (1907-1966): Bela krajina  (arr. Miha Ferk)
    Vid Pupis (1981): Fantazija / Fantasia for alto saxophone and ensemble of saxophones 
    Bedřich Smetana (1824-1884): Vltava  (arr. Miha Ferk)
    Igor Lunder (1969): Charleston

    ACADEMY OF MUSIC Blagoje Bersa Hall Trg Republike Hrvatske 12