Roya Saxophone Quartet and Zvezdana Novaković

ROYA Quartet is a group with a distinctly multicultural identity, adorned with the diversity of tradition, experience, cultural heritage and values. The members of ROYA have been fused into an ensemble by their love for the classical saxophone and chamber music-making, accompanied by their wish to present the very best of saxophone repertoire to a wider audience. Through a variety of projects, the quartet is searching for different music genres and forms of expression. This turned into their annual Ladies Night event, where they so far presented projects »Ladies go Tango«, in collaboration with Quatro por Tango ensemble and the Argentinian composer Fernando Muslera, and »Village Ladies«, in collaboration with the singer Zvezdana Novaković and composers from Croatia, Poland and Slovenia. ROYA recorded compositions for the following albums: Art from Nina Šenk, wydziwiAnka from Anna Maria Huszca and Slovena Voices from Zvezdana Novaković. The quartet has performed solo concerts at festivals in Croatia, France, Poland, Serbia and Slovenia. With the rich temperament and individual charisma of each of the members, ROYA has been conquering the hearts of the wider audience. Zvezdana Novaković (singer, harpist, composer, perfomer) takes much interest in different cultures. She has found her way of expression in a traditional form of singing found in Slavic and Balkan countries, the throat vocal technique. In 2011, she started studying the harp under the mentorship of Tina Žerdin, and now holds solo concerts and projects combining harp, voice and storytelling. She works as a freelance artist and is the artistic leader of many international projects. 

Petra Horvat, soprano saxophone
Weronika Partyka, alto saxophone
Betka Bizjak Kotnik, tenor saxophone
Jovana Joka, baritone saxophone
Zvezdana Novaković, vocal


  • Jul 12 2018

    Roya Saxophone Quartet and Zvezdana Novaković


    Boris Papandopulo (1906-1991): Šest krokija / Six Croquis for saxophone quartet - Andante moderato, Andante tranquillo, Allegro vivace, Andante sostenuto, Allegro vivace, Con brio
    Margareta Ferek-Petrić (1982): Wild Rose for saxophone quartet
    Zvezdana Novaković (1985): Lipe bile maškere / Beautiful White Mask for saxophone quartet and voice
    Traditional: Da sam bistra voda / If I Would Be Clear Water for saxophone quartet and voice (arr. Zvezdana Novaković) 
    Oliwia Wronikowska (1989): Historie z oddali  / Stories From Afar for saxophone quartet, voice, baraban and fujara

    STUDENT CENTER Theatre &TD Big Hall Savska cesta 25