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Duo Entre-Nous

Duo Entre-Nous
Duo Entre-Nous is a clarinet and saxophone ensemble dedicated to the evolution and continued progression of new music. Formed in 2014 by Don-Paul Kahl and Jackie Glazier, the duo performs and commissions new repertoire for saxophone and clarinet. Thus far the duo has commissioned composers from America, France, Spain, and Australia, garnering new pieces in a variety of different styles. Devoted to music education, the duo is active in teaching positions in the United States. They have given masterclasses and lectures at universities and conservatories throughout the US and Europe. Recognized both nationally and internationally, the duo has the mission to bring an excellence and performance and practice to all avenues of their work. Individually, the two have won major international competitions for clarinet and saxophone, accordingly. Living in two separate major performance continents allows them to access a wider network to disseminate their work further. A long-term goal of the ensemble is to advocate for the unique sounds and artistic merits of this duo and to bring attention to the fascinating possibilities between these two instruments. 
Don-Paul Kahl, saxophoneJackie Glazier, clarinet
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