Ukrainian Saxophone Ensemble

The Ukrainian Saxophone Ensemble had its debut performance on the 6th of November - Adolphe Sax's birthday. The performance took place during the Grand final of the Vinnytsia Adolphe Sax Fest. Maestro Alain Crepin himself conducted the ensemble that night. There is no better start for a brand new music team. The following artistic experience was performed in collaboration with a young French conductor and composer Roman Zante. Together, the musicians presented their programme in Kyiv and Vinnytsia, one of the biggest cities of Ukraine. The ensemble unites 12 young Ukrainian saxophonists, whose alma mater is Petro Tchaikovskyi National Music Academy of Ukraine (Kyiv Conservatory). The aim of this ensemble is to present the music of modern Ukrainian composers to the audience from all over the world.

Artem Holodniuk, Danylo Dovbysh, Illia Vasiachkin, Juliia Zhytnukhina, Kateryna Ternova, Yevheniia Zinenko, Oleksandr Sharavara, Viacheslav Kryzhanovskyi, Roman Fotuima, Stanislav Nidzelskyi, Pavlo Barabashchuk, Yevhen Popel, Valeria Vinogradova


  • Jul 10 2018

    Ukrainian Saxophone Ensemble

    ensemble performance

    Valeriia Vinogradova (1998): Kolo, folk ritual cycle in Ukraine for 12 saxophones - Revival, Kupalo, Zhnyva, Aurora in the Sunset, Vesillya. Holosinnya, Dance Ancestors, Schedrik (premiere performance)

    CROATIAN NATIONAL THEATRE Trg Republike Hrvatske 15