JM Goury & Friends Saxophone Ensemble

JM Goury & Friends Saxophone Ensemble The large saxophone ensemble of the CRR/PSPBB was founded in 1990. There are 10 to 15 pre-professional students registered in the lessons of the 3rd cycle (CEM), specialization (DEM), and professional orientation (COP/PôleSupérieur – since 2013). The ensemble serves to foster a pedagogical and educational nature for those that are involved. In this setting, each instrumentalist can practice on the existing saxophones and acquire a wide repertoire which crosses through the Baroque, Classical, and Romantic periods to the music of today. Additionally, the ensemble works on jazz standards and musical works from musical comedy’s and films. This “chamber orchestra” tends to peak the interest of many current composers. F. Guerrero, T. Escaich, F. Rossé, Ton ThâtTiet, W. Karlins, A. Louvier, T. Tesei, M. Kuehn, C. Lauba, S. Pavlenko, E. Rolin, C. Gabriele, among many many more, have written new works of the highest quality for this ensemble. Many talented musicians have passed through the CRR/PSPBB saxophone class and thus this ensemble. Many of them have come from all over France and the entire world and had quickly thereafter earned the CA, DE, DNSPM, Master, Doctorate, and prizes from national and international musical competitions in Geneva, Paris, Bayreuth, Cracovie, Tel Aviv, Bangkok, New York. The ensemble has been conducted and directed, since its creation, by Jean-Michel Goury, professor of saxophone at the CRR/PôleSupérieur de Boulogne-Billancourt, concert saxophonist, and pedagogue of international renown.


  • Jul 12 2018

    JM Goury & Friends Saxophone Ensemble

    ensemble performance

    Gregory Wanamaker (1968): Still Life: Loïe Dances pour ensemble de 12 saxophones (premiere performance)
    Jeremie Hudry (1986): Vérités Imaginaires 1 pour trio de saxophones (premiere performance)
    Etienne Rolin (1952): Airs de Famillesax-opera minute pour ensemble de 9 saxophones et récitant (premiere performance)
    Jeremie Hudry (1986): Vérités Imaginaires 2 pour trio de saxophones (premiere performance)
    Lucas Fagin (1980): Ilusionario pour ensemble de 9 saxophones - Pipe Dream (chimères, illusion), Le Marchand d'Etoiles (rêves, émotion)

    ACADEMY OF MUSIC Blagoje Bersa Hall Trg Republike Hrvatske 12