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China Conservatory Saxophone Ensemble - Manong Li, conductor

China Conservatory Saxophone Ensemble - Manong Li, conductor
Established in 2012, the China Conservatory Saxophone Ensemble is a professional chamber ensemble group founded and directed by professor Manlong Li, classical saxophone professor in China Conservatory. Ensemble has performed and premiered wide range of works worldwide, and has appeared in variety of domestic events related to saxophone. The China Conservatory Saxophone Ensemble has been belauded and recognised as one of the highest rank saxophone chamber group in the country. A graduate from China Central Conservatory, Manlong Li studied with Professor Wu Zhang and Chunxiao Tao, respected clarinet educators. Since 2000, Manlong Li serves as a faculty in China Conservatory of Music, China Central Conservatory, Attached Middle School of China Central Conservatory, Minzu University of China, Beijing Vacational Institute of Local Opera and Arts, Beijing Long Island International Art Institute. He is known as the "leading educator of the classical saxophone in China". He wrote several instruction ranging from beginner's to professional level, from classical hits to traditional music. He has held hundreds of lectures and recitals.
Bin Wang, Jia-nian Wang, Jie Huo, Meng Ke Yan, An-Hao Yin, Hui Li, Jia-Ru Chi, Zi Zheng Xu, Yu Tian Shang Guan, Yijun Ning, Yue Lu, Jing Zhang, Zhe Han Liu, Shang Zhen Yang, Yifei Wu, Zhihao Li
Manlong Li, conductor
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