Caovva Saxophone Quartet

Caovva Saxophone Quartet was founded in 2014 as a result of the common interest of its members in exploring, promoting and exposing the music of Latin American composers. A first objective of this group was to present its proposal to the VXII World Saxophone Congress, which was held in July 2015 in Strasbourg (France). His project entitled "Caovva Quartet Plays the Chamber Music for Saxophone by Aldemaro Romero" was selected from 630 proposals from all over the world to participate in this congress. The members of Caovva Quartet are professional saxophonists based in Colombia where they perform as saxophone professors of some of the main universities of this country. The players of our quartet includes Magister Agustin Castro (professor of saxophone at Universidad de Caldas in the city of Manizales) Dr. Javier Ocampo (professor of saxophone at Conservatorio Antonio María Valencia in the city of Cali), Dr. Esneider Valencia (professor of saxophone at Universidad de Antioquia in the city of Medellín) and Magister Cesar Villamil (professor of saxophone at Universidad Distrital in the city of Bogotá).Currently, Caovva Saxophone Quartet participates actively on establishing a “saxophone school” in Colombia and Latin America. Its performance and master classes has taken them throughout Colombia, Mexico and Portugal. 
Esneider Valencia Hernández, soprano saxophone
Javier Ocampo, alto saxophone
Agustín Castro, tenor saxophone 
Cesaar Villamil, baritone saxophone  

  • Jul 12 2018

    Caovva Saxophone Quartet


    The Colombian Saxophone: Two Pieces for Saxophone Quartet by Colombian Composers
    Juan Carlos Valencia (1978): Caovva, Latin American suite for saxophone quartet (premiere performance)
    Carlos Gonzalo Guzmán-Muñoz (1972): Pecowë, traditional music from Colombia (premiere performance)

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