Frédéric Fiard

Frédéric Fiard works as a stage manager in several theatres in Paris. He made institutional films but by his initial musical training at the conservatory of Rennes, he continued the instrumental practice of the saxophone. This led him to a personal approach to music pedagogy through digital media. He has worked on two volumes of a multimedia series entitled "A master, an instrument" with François Rabbath on his "New technique for double basse" then on an educational DVD with Daniel Humair entitled "Jazz Drums". On a personal and voluntary basis, he has also set up a scheme for primary school pupils to practice instruments and form an orchestra. "The Genius of Sax" is his first documentary and will be available on his website

  • Jul 13 2018

    Frédéric Fiard

    documentary film

    The Genius of Sax

    STUDENT CENTER MM Center Savska cesta 25