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Ensemble de Saxophones de Montréal

Ensemble de Saxophones de Montréal

The Ensemble de Saxophone de Montréal was formed in 2016 and consists of professional saxophonists in Montréal. These musicians strive to explore existing repertoire for saxophone ensemble, while also commissioning new works for the genre with a focus on Quebecois composers. They are working to standardize the saxophone ensemble as a performing formation. In order to nurture and develop interest from young saxophonists, they have initiated concerts where students will perform alongside our ensemble. The ensemble hopes that this project will help increase the visibility and the pertinence of the formation.

Tommy Davis, Jennifer Lachaine, Stef Jackson, Clio Isis Theodoridis, Yara Nakhle, Thomas Gauthier-Lang, Audrey Paquette, Jean-François Guay, Corinne Lanthier, Sébastien Hébert-Plante



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