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HD Duo

HD Duo
First performing together in 2008, Michael Duke and David Howie have made the impetus for their duo the presentation of exciting and innovative chamber music. Of particular interest and drive for the duo has been their close collaboration with some of Australia’s most prominent and respected composers commissioning, recording and performing these new works written specifically for them. Leading composers that have written for HD Duo include: Anne Boyd, Michael Smetanin, Matthew Hindson, Mark Zadro, Andrew Batterham, Tim Dargaville, Brenton Broadstock, Miriama Young, Catherine Likhuta and Paul Sarcich. Meeting as colleagues at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, the Duo has toured across the major cities of Australia as well as appearing in concert throughout the world in countries such as Thailand, USA, England, Scotland, Mexico and French Polynesia New Caledonia. Some highlights have included: performances at multiple World Saxophone Congress’ (2009, 2012, 2015), their UK debut in concert at “Australia House” in London (2012), the Australasian Saxophone and Clarinet Conference (2013) and recital concerts at the Festival de Mexico in Mexico City (2014).
Michael Duke, saxophone
David Howie, piano
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