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Australasian Saxophone Quartet ASAX-Q

Australasian Saxophone Quartet ASAX-Q
The Australasian Saxophone Quartet (ASAX-Q), brings together four leading saxophonists from Australia and New Zealand: Joseph Lallo (Melbourne AUS), Simon Brew (Wellington NZ), Michael Jamieson (Auckland NZ), Jay Byrnes (Sydney AUS). ASAX-Q is a unique quartet that draws its musicians from the four major Australasian centres - Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland and Wellington. A long time in conception and now a realisation, ASAX-Q are excited to join forces to create one of the region's most advantageous chamber ensembles. 2018 plans to be an exciting year for one of the most inspired ensembles of the region - their first tour of Australasia in January to New Plymouth, Sydney and Melbourne, followed by many fantastic plans.
Joseph Lallo, soprano saxophone;
Simon Brew, alto saxophone;
Michael Jamieson, tenor saxophone;
Jay Byrnes, baritone saxophone
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