l'Orgue de Sax

l’Orgue de Sax is a refreshing ensemble of six young professional saxophone players who are fascinated by the endless possibilities of the sound spectrum of the saxophone. As the name of the ensemble suggests, l’Orgue de Sax's main goal is to play especially transcribed organ music. They also work with talented organ players to bring you a spectacular program. After playing a first concert in 2016, l’Orgue de Sax became a well known ensemble on the Belgian music scene. l’Orgue de Sax followed masterclasses with Timothy Mcallister and is a Selmer Performing Artist.

Nele Geubels, Joke Van Lent, Thijs Vanmarcke, Sam Huysentruyt, Bram Lamberts, Stef Verpraet



  • Jul 14 2018

    l'Orgue de Sax


    ..works from Cesar Franck, Felix Mendelssohn, Jean Sibelius and Jacques-Nicolas Lemmens arranged for saxophones

    SAINT CATHERINE'S CHURCH Katarinin trg bb