Praenimi Duo and Praenimis Quartet

The Praenimis Quartet consists of Brian Bethea on soprano saxophone, Jonathan Kierspe on alto saxophone, Yi-Chia Tu on tenor saxophone, and Neal Postma on baritone saxophone. The Praenimi Duo consists of two members of the quartet, Brian Bethea and Yi-Chia Tu. The quartet has been playing together since the beginning of the Fall Semester of 2015. The quartet has participated in the NASA Saxophone Quartet competition in 2016, where they reached the semi-final round. They have performed in the Wired Goat Concert Series, a performance series in Columbia, SC, for contemporary music and in the University of South Carolina’s composition recital. They have also participated in masterclasses of Claude Delangle, the Imani Winds, and Tom Meyer.
The Praenimis Quartet
Brian Bethea, soprano saxophone
Jonathan Kierspe, alto saxophone
Yi-Chia Tu, tenor saxophone
Neal Postma, baritone saxophone

The Praenimi Duo
Brian Bethea
Yi-Chia Tu

  • Jul 12 2018

    Praenimi Duo and Praenimis Quartet


    Thomas Dempster (1980): *** for soprano saxophone, alto saxophone and electronics (premiere performance)
    Thomas Dempster (1980): Ponque for saxophone quartet
    Thomas Dempster (1980): Tandem

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