Trio Noir

Trio Noir is a Berlin based ensemble founded in 2015 by Zhifeng Hu (piano), Christoph Lindner (percussion) and Sebastian Lange (saxophones), all studying at the University of the Arts Berlin. Their intention is to connect the various possibilities of sounds and stylistics of this rather uncommon instrumentation and thereof create a new body of sound. The trio has collaborated with well known composers, such as Steffen Schleiermacher, Mauricio Sotelo, Charlotte Seither and Georg Katzer. As soloists, orchestra musicians or chamber musicians, the three of them regularly play in Berlin venues such as the Berlin Philharmonic hall, the Staatsoper Berlin, the Berlin Konzerthaus, the Deutsche Oper or at festivals such as "Klangwerkstatt Berlin", "Klangzeitort Berlin", "Randspiele Berlin", "Originaltöne Neukölln", "Maerzmusik" and the "Mecklenburger Festspielen". The trio won a second price at the Alice Samter competition for chamber music in 2016.
Sebastian Lange, saxophone
Christoph Lindner, percussion
Zhifeng Hu, piano
  • Jul 14 2018

    Trio Noir


    Mathilde Koeppel (1996)Aions Reise (premiere performance)

    Jörg-Ulrich Krah (1976): Strangeworld (premiere performance)
    Reinhard Lippert (1951): Steinwasser  (premiere performance)
    Fabian Zeidler: West-Ost Trio  (premiere performance)

    ACADEMY OF MUSIC Fran Lhotka Hall Trg Republike Hrvatske 12