Binary Canary

Binary Canary is a collaborative improvisation ensemble featuring laptopist Ted Moore and saxophonist Kyle Hutchins. Described as “skilled improvisers, no doubt about it” (I Care If You Listen), their work together since 2013 has included solo and chamber music, free and structured improvisations, and interactive multimedia. Their 2015 album ‘click/blow’ was reviewed as “a full on noise-jazz symphony” (Raised by Gypsies) and a “display [of] individual virtuosity and group musicianship… well worth the listen” (Signals for Images). They have been featured at conferences, festivals, and on series such as the Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States (SEAMUS), New York City Electronic Music Festival (NYCEMF), Electroacoustic Barndance (EABD), North American Saxophone Alliance (NASA), Music Now at the University of North Texas, New Horizons Music Festival (NHMF), Association for Technology in Music Instruction (ATMI), Ars Electroacoustica, The New Ruckus, Patrick’s Cabaret, Punk-Ass Classical, Skewed Visions, and as guest artists at universities across the country. Moore is a doctoral fellow at the University of Chicago studying composition. Hutchins received the DMA from the University of Minnesota with Eugene Rousseau and is Artist/Teacher of Saxophone at Virginia Tech.

Kyle Hutchins, saxophone
Ted Moore, electronics


  • Jul 12 2018

    Binary Canary


    Kyle Hutchins (1988), Ted Moore (1987): feedback for feedback saxophone and laptop (premiere performance)

    STUDENT CENTER MM Center Savska cesta 25