L'ombre Duo

Japanese Saxophonists Taewook Ahn and Miki Isogai are members of Duo L’ombre. They initially met in Paris, France whilst undergoing their studies at a number of conservatoires across Europe, such as Versailles, Lyon, Brussels and Vienna. They are now based in Japan, actively working with Japanese composers. As a duo, they are always keen to discover new musical territories. 

Taewook Ahn, saxophone
Miki Isogai, saxophone



  • Jul 14 2018

    L'ombre Duo


    Satoshi Ohmae (1943): No. 1 (premiere performance)
    Hideki Kozakura (1970): *** (premiere performance)
    Naoki Sakata (1981): *** (premiere performance)
    Masamichi Kinoshita (1969): ***  (premiere performance)
    Dai Fujikura (1977): Dolphins for two saxophones

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