Antares Saxophone Quartet

Four young saxophone students, of eighteen and nineteen years, from Bergen (Norway) formed The Antares Saxophone Quartet. Some of them have played saxophone since they were 5 years old. They have been studying saxophone with Siri Overland (former student of Fredrich Hemke). Despite their young age, this is a high quality quartet. They play all their repertoire with lots of young energy, sensitivity and happiness! In Norway, they have won many competitions. The variety and fun in the program they are playing here, at WSC, is definitely worth to listen!

Jonas Eskeland, soprano saxophone
Veronika Helland Nordmo, alto saxophone
Marcella Pereira Rogde, tenor saxophone
Petter VoilÄs, baritone saxophone


  • Jul 10 2018

    Antares Saxophone Quartet


    Jean Absil (1893-1974): Suite sur des themes populaires Roumains - I. Allegro vivace
    Thierry Escaich (1965): Tango Virtuoso
    Russel Peck (1945-2009): Drastic Measures - II. Allegro          
    Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992): La Muerte del Angel (arr. Johan van der Linden)
    Alessandro Marcello (1669-1747): Concerto for oboe and string orchestra in D minor - Allegro (arr. Mark Walton)

    STUDENT CENTER MM Center Savska cesta 25