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Kohei Ueno

Kohei Ueno
Born in Japan, Kohei Ueno started playing the saxophone at the young age of eight in his school band. He graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, instrumental music department. Kohei had attracted public attention from an early age and made his debut while still in school. Reviews include: “Listening to just one note, I knew Kohei was specially gifted” - Kazuki Yamada, conductor; “I have never heard such sounds from a saxophone. He is an eye-opener” - Keith Lockhard. Kohei made a sensational senior debut winning 1st prize at the 28th Japan Wind and Percussion Competition, youngest ever in its long history. In 2014, he won a prestigious 2nd prize at 6th Adolphe Sax International Competition in Belgium. His recital in 2016 was a great success with all unaccompanied works at the B→C Concert. He continues to challenge new repertoires and pursues all possibilities of the saxophone. His first CD album “Massage to ADOLPHE” was released in 2014. The following year, he released a CD with Panda Wind Orchestra where he is concert master. 2017 saw his debut CD with The Rev Saxophone Quartet. His third solo album is “Breath”, with the unaccompanied Bach, 2017. Kohei has also appeared in various medias including the Japanese popular TV program “Untitled Concert” and ” Houdou Station” . He is a lecturer at Showa College of Music. He is a member of The Rev Saxophone Quartet and concert master of Panda Wind Orchestra.
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