Abliage Duo and Virna Kljaković

Aljaž Razdevšek (Slovenj Gradec, 1991) graduated from The Maribor Conservatory of Music and Ballet under prof. Peter Kruder in 2010 and from Music academy Zagreb, under prof. Dragan Sremec and assistent Tomislav Žužak in 2016. In the academic year 2013/14 he studied at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana under prof. Miha Rogina as a part of bilateral exchange programme. From 2015 to 2017 he studied at Conservatoire à rayonnement régional de Lyon under prof. Jean Denis Michat. He attended several competitions: he won 1st prizes at the Woodwind competition in Požarevac , 11th International Competition Davorin Jenko competition, 1st Varaždin International Woodwin & Brass competition, etc. He is also winner of multiple honours. He attended numerous international seminars with world-renowned saxophonists: Matjaž Drevenšek, Lev Pupis, Miha Rogina, Marcus Weiss, Claude Delangle, Jean Denis Michat, Philippe Geiss, etc. Abdul-Aziz Hussein (Bucharest, 1992) is currently enrolled in doctoral studies at Conservatoire à rayonnement régional in Versailles in class of Philippe Cuper. He has graduated at Zagreb Music Academy in class of Davorin Brozić. He won a total of 7 1st prizes at Croatian national music students competitions.  He is also winner of multiple honours including Rector’s award from Zagreb university and Croatian composer’s guild award. He held many recitals in Croatia and abroad, most important being Osor musical evenings and Zagreb Biennale. As a soloist he played with HRT Symphony Orchestra and Croatian Armed Forces Wind Orchestra. He worked with eminent world clarinettists such as Guy Deplus, Philippe Cuper, Nicolas Baldeyrou, Jože Kotar, Radovan Cavallin, Sharon Kam, Nicholas Cox, Chen Halevi, Nikola Srdić, Luis Gomes. He is a clarinettist at the Croatian chamber orchestra and  at Zadar clarinet quartet.

Aljaž Razdevšek, saxophone
Abdul-Aziz Hussein, clarinet
& Virna Kljaković, piano


  • Jul 13 2018

    Abliage Duo and Virna Kljaković


    Veronika Drobnić (1999): Les Autres for saxophone and clarinet with electronics (premiere performance)
    Mihael Paar (1980): Duo Concertant for saxophone and clarinet (premiere performance)
    Helena Skljarov (1993): Bergmál  for saxophone and clarinet (premiere performance)
    Tilen Lebar (1993): Ekyo kihikire for clarinet, alto saxophone and piano - Kabale, Kitanga, Bunyonyi (premiere performance)

    ACADEMY OF MUSIC Svetislav Stančić Hall Trg Republike Hrvatske 12