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Arcadia Saxophone Quartet

Arcadia Saxophone Quartet
Different didactic and artistic experiences of four saxophonists intermingle in the Arcadia Saxophone Quartet, created in 1995 - studies with world famous maestros (D. Deffayet, J. M. Londeix, I. Roth), performances at important music events and cooperation with important orchestras and music institutions ("Teatro S. Carlo", Naples, "Teatro Massimo Bellini", Palermo, Symphonic Orchestra “Ente Lirico G.P. da Palestrina", Cagliari, "Teatro Massimo Bellini", Catania) - led by famous conductors including M. Rostropovich, G. Prêtre, D. Oren, G. Ferro, W. Barkymer, N. Carthy, D. Garforth, and Y. Talmi. These rich individual experiences have given the group the chance to play in several Italian and foreign cities. Besides having won rewards at numerous national and international chamber and contemporary music competitions, the Arcadia Saxophone Quartet represented Italy during the XI, XII and XIV World Saxophone Congress. Many composers, including Derek Healey, Ada Gentile, Franco Oppo, Luca Signorini, Giuseppe Ratti, Davide Summaria, among others, have dedicated their work to the Quartet.  In 2006, the Arcadia Saxophone Quartet recorded a CD with the title “ XXI-Italian Works from the 21st century”, released under the label “Spazio Musica” in Cagliari, and in 2008 a CD of sacred music by title “In domum Domini ibimus”. The Arcadia Saxophone Quartet collaborated with cellist Luca Signorini, with pianist Francesco Nicolosi, and has recently recorded a CD with cellist Luca Fiorentini for the label "RAITRADE" with music by Andrea Ferrante.
Gianfranco Brundo, soprano saxophone
Giovanni Manganaro, alto saxophone
Salvatore Cutrò, tenor saxophone
Carmelo Ricciardi, baritone saxophone
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