Acrobatic Sax Quartet

Acrobatic Sax Quartet was born in 2016 when four young Calabrian saxophonists joined together to make a new exciting experience. The aim of the group was clear right from the beginning: as an acrobat knows how to move through a lot of troubles, the Acrobatic Sax quartet always tries to juggle in many kinds of music:Classical, Jazz, Latin, Pop Tunes. Every genre of music mixes as in a  sort of kaleidoscopic trip.

Giovanni De Luca, soprano saxophone
Daniele Panzitta, alto saxophone
Francesco Soldano, tenor saxophone
Giovanni Luzza, baritone saxophone


  • Jul 14 2018

    Acrobatic Sax Quartet


    Carlo Galante (1959): Metropolitan Toccata (premiere performance)
    Lodi Luka (1980): A Balkan Night (premiere performance)
    Daniele Panzitta (1978): Jazz Fugue No. 1 for saxophone quartet (premiere performance)
    Vincenzo Palermo (1967): Pink Song 

    STUDENT CENTER Theatre &TD Semicircular Hall Savska cesta 25