MA Duo

Laurent Matheron extends his instrumentarium by creating sound sculptures. Performing contemporary music and creation are his favorite playgrounds. He also plays the Germanic repertoire of the inter-war period. His practice of improvisation is enriched by the soundscapes of the composers he interprets, and he is interested in the unheard sounds of his sculptures. François Rossé, Damien Charron, Philippe Laval and Bruno Giner wrote for his instruments. He studied with Alain Bouhey at the Ecole Normale de Musique in Paris (Higher Diploma of Concert) and Yochk'o Seffer (the initiator of the concept of sound sculptures) and was strongly influenced by their “scriptoral research”. Member of the French Saxophone Ensemble, the Saxophone Septuor, he is a founding member of the Inscape and Hinterland ensembles. He teaches at the Conservatory of Corbeil-Essonne. Sandrine Faucher Matheron graduated in piano from Conservatoire à Rayonnement Intercommunal Seine Normandie Agglomération in Vernon. She is regularly playing in different chamber ensembles. Since 2003 she is collaborating with the Debussy Museum in St Germain en Laye organizing workshops and concerts. I

Laurent Matheron, saxophone
Sandrine Faucher Matheron, piano
  • Jul 13 2018

    MA Duo


    François Rossé (1945): Jonction
    Ryo Daïnobu (1982): Spining Tail
    François Rossé (1945): String' Tube Duett 2
    Damien Charron (1957): Dédale et Icare (premiere performance)

    STUDENT CENTER Theatre &TD Semicircular Hall Savska cesta 25