Jean-Marie Londeix

Jean-Marie Londeix (1932) is considered one of the world's greatest players and teachers of saxophone "perhaps after Adolphe Sax and his teacher Marcel Mule, the most important 'inventor' of the modern saxophone" (Francesco Salime). Londeix has become known and appreciated as a concert artist, teacher, lecturer and author of numerous pedagogical and historical works. He performed more than 600 times as a soloist appearing around the world, frequently inaugurating the first saxophone concerts and recitals in many of the world's finest concert halls. In the early 1950's he was one of the first wind instrumentalists to perform full recitals. He has been frequently recorded and has 13 LPs, 10 compact discs and a number of DVDs to his credit. Well over one hundred important works for saxophone were written for and dedicated to him and more than 150 foreign students traveled from around the globe to study with him at the Bordeaux Conservatory of Music. Among these former students, now concert artists and musical ambassadors in their own right, many teach at major schools of music and perform internationally. Londeix is frequently invited to teach in the conservatories and universities of Europe, Asia, the US, Russia, Canada, Scandinavia, etc. He was Honorary President of the Association of Saxophonists of France and President of the International Saxophone Committee of the World Saxophone Congress; he has also organized numerous international festivals: World Saxophone Congress, Conference on the General State of the Saxophone and several international competitions. He created the Ensemble Internationale de Saxophones and commissioned and premiered over 100 original works of quality with that group. Jean-Marie Londeix is also the author of over twenty important pedagogical works for saxophone.


  • Jul 13 2018

    Jean-Marie Londeix


    "Rapsodie pour saxophone et orchestre" of C. Debussy 

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